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She did jump in the lake and was air drying when a couple came by to watch. She asked if they wanted to fuck. They did, she did, it was becoming kinda monotonous. She rinsed off again in the lake and started putting her clamps and eggs back in place. When the eggs started going she just rolled with the flow and started masturbating. Squeezing her nipples when the clamps were going almost had here cumming again. Mila didn't even notice the one girl come up and plant her pussy on her face. Then a guy was raising her ass and sticking a huge fucking dick in her ass. Mila was taking kind of an internal audit and realized she need to eat 1 more pussy and fuck 4 more guys. She saw a girl by herself and yelled over to her "Can I eat your pussy?" The girl got up and came over. I've been watching you and wondered how long it would take to ask me. She removed all her clothes and went down on Mila. 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The Milano's had been given VIP status and were given complimentary passes to the other inns plus, a free three day pass to this particular inn. Mila wanted to know where they could get "the egg". Jeff called down to the front desk and asked about `the egg'. He was told that it was made here by a local craftsman. And, with our now VIP status he could have the craftsman come here or we could go to his shop. Jeff asked for directions to the shop and was told that wouldn't be necessary. When we were ready just call the desk and a car would come around for us. We ate a leisurely breakfast and went to change clothes. Nobody knew what to wear, we didn't want to wear anything. We all ended up in shorts and t-shirts (no under-ware!). We called the desk and was told the car would be there in 5 minutes. When we got in the car, the clerk that Mila ate out was in the front seat and turned to Mila, "I was really hoping you'd eat my pussy one more time, maybe when you get back?" 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Michael thanked them profusely and gave them a stack of catalogs, business cards, and a few extras for later! They all walked out to the car naked and headed back to the hotel. They were checking out and the entire staff had gathered in the lobby and applauded the group. We got things back into the RV. That's when I noticed they had washed and cleaned the interior and exterior. I looked at the gas gauge and they had filled the tank. Everything was spotless. Mila had talked the hotel and Jen into taking a week off and going with them. When she didn't accept right away, Mila turned the egg on HI and Jen yelled and smiled OK OK. Meg asked if she could eat Jen's pussy. I said sure and mom started licking. There's nothing smoother than a professionally shaved pussy! As mom licked Jens clit I turned on the egg. Jen yelled and I killed the egg. Meg hit the clit again, I hit the egg, Jen hit the roof. Her legs were shaking and Meg went after the clit with abandon. I turned the egg on Lo and Jen was cumming so hard it was running down her legs. Mila got up and stated licking her legs and Jen just kept cumming. Mila asked Liam to see his cock-ring. He dropped his shorts and she grabbed his cock and twisted it all around looking at it. Wow, Liam that's cool. How does it look when your hard? He shrugged his shoulders. Mila pointed at his cock and he nodded ok. She started sucking his dick and watched it getting harder and harder. She was rubbing his balls and licking all around the ring. That is so fucking cool. His mom came over and looked and played for a minute too. They had only been on the road a couple of hours but were kinda anxious to stop. Jeff saw a Lake Campground sign and pulled in. There was only one other RV there and they had plenty of spots along the water. They had a guide that took them to a spot and Jeff said Perfect! He asked the attendant how they felt about nudity. The attendant said as long as no one complained he didn't care. Everyone got naked and set up camp. Jeff had a bunch of chairs around the fire ring and they all kicked back and had a couple beers. They heard a noise behind them and turned to see a family walking on the road. Jeff wrapped a towel around himself and went up to introduce himself. Mal and Shirley were husband and wife, with two 15 year old boys, Troy and Levi. He asked if nudity offended them and they said no, not at all, in fact that might like to join in if that was ok. They came down to the fire ring and saw everyone else was naked. Jeff dropped his towel and told them they were welcome to change in the RV or just strip down here. Mila was sitting between Jens legs and rubbing her pussy. Liam was playing with his new toy. Jeff said "Sorry, we found a sex shop back a ways and we each got some new things to play with. Shirley stood up, stripped and went over to look at Jeff's ball separator. She pointed at it and he shook his head yes. She felt his balls and all around the edges. He got hard instantly. Mal and the boys stripped and Mal wanted to touch Jens pussy. Both boys went to look at Liam's cock-ring. They were all in awe and said so. Jeff told them it was a little shop only a hundred miles or so east. And, if you're like us you like a hotel once and a while, try the "Anything Goes Inn", the place is fucking awesome. Shirley went over to look at Mila tit and saw the mom had the same thing. She played with both and turned to her husband and said we need to find this place tomorrow. Jeff went in and got a business card and gave it to Mal. They all talked some more and Mila turned to eat Jens pussy. Everyone watched and couldn't help but get excited. Everyone was jacking or jilling off. The said their good-nights and meandered back to their RV. Mal and Shirley were gone when we got up the next morning. We all hiked up to the showers naked and ran into the attendant. He smiled and said "You guys weren't kidding were you? You're the only ones in the park, so have a ball. Would it bother you guys if I got naked too? I've never done that here and kinda think it would be fun! Mila walked over to him and started undoing his shirt while Jen got his pants down. When he was naked Mila started sucking his dick and he was hard in seconds. She didn't stop though and had every intention of making him cum, and cum he did! She grabbed his hand and they continued their walk to the showers. She bathed him like he was a newborn and watch him get hard again. She asked how he felt about guy sex and he said he'd never tried it. Mila yelled for Liam to come over and be gentle. He dropped to his knees and Jen and Mila went to another cubicle. After all the showers they walked back to the RV the attendant (Jess) jumped in his cart and continued making his rounds. We fished a while, played Yahtzee, drank some beer and just plain chilled out. Later that night Jess came by (still naked) and gave Jeff a pass for three extra days. Said thanks that this was a real enlightening day. He looked at Liam and smiled. The next morning Jeff and Meg had setup a hammock and were fucking their eyeballs out. Liam was fucking Jen while Mila ate her pussy. We were all in kinda a daze. After "Anything Goes" everything seemed kinda boring. We decided to head home and re-think things. Jen was asked to join us and enthusiastically said yes. We took off around 10 and were home by 6. We opened up the house to air things out and Liam and Jeff started the pool filters going. Nobody got dressed and we had no intention of doing so. We ordered Italian and a couple of pizzas. Mila answered the door the door and paid the delivery guy. We all sat out on the patio kinda lost in our own little worlds. The neighbors (Jack and Pat) saw our lights on and weren't expecting us this soon. They came by and rang the bell. Meg and I opened the door and they were kinda shocked and turned away. I said yea, we're home, we're all naked and you can come in if you like. They turned back towards us and said why naked? I said it was something we just started doin and really liked it. That from now on we would always be this way. They were still good friends and were always welcome over, but we weren't getting dressed. Pat asked if they had to get naked and I said no, just do what your comfortable with. I asked if they want some pizza and a drink, they looked at each other and said ok. On the patio they saw everyone else was naked too. I got them some red wine and paper plates for pizza. They asked what brought all this on and I said I really didn't know. We were at a campground, saw each other naked and just decided to stay that way. It's actually been a lot of fun. Meg held up her newly pierced tit for Pat to see and Pat asked if she could touch it. Sure, that's half of why I did it, Mila got the exact same one, and you should see what Liam and Jeff got! Mila came over and showed them her tit too. Pat reached out and kinda squeezed both, didn't it hurt? No, not at all but then the guy doing it to us made sure our minds were else where. Jen came over and Mila introduced her as her lover. Pat said you mean sexually, you have sex with her. Mila rubbed Jens pussy and said Look at that pussy, how could you not want to eat that and took a long swipe with her tongue. Pat said she didn't know if she could handle this and looked like she might be getting ready to leave. Meg asked her what was bothering her the most. The fact that we're all naked and enjoying it, or that you're getting turned on by it. Look at your nipples. Pat covered her chest. Don't the guys get excited? Meg said I don't know, Jeff do you get excited. Jeff stood up and Pat saw his ball separator and a very hard dick for the first time. Liam, how about you, do you get excited. When he stood up his dick scraped the bottom of the table and his ring was very noticeable. Meg said I bet you your top and bra that Jack is even hard right now. Pat looked at Jack and said no, he doesn't get excited easily. Meg told Mila and Jen to help Jack lower his shorts. The bulge in his under-ware was obvious and Jen reached into his leg opening and smiled saying not only hard, but very nice! Pat looked at him. He just shrugged his shoulders. Meg held out her hands to Pat waiting for a blouse and bra! Pat said she couldn't and Meg told Jen and Mila to help her. Pat made a half assed attempt to keep her blouse but gave up pretty easily. Jen and Mila were teasing more than stripping her and she started squeezing her own tits. Jen finally got her bra off and Mila went to town on her tits. She had huge nipples that were hard as rock. Mila sucked on one and Jen on the other. Pat was getting turned on and Meg stopped the two girls. OK Pat, who back here do you want to eat your pussy. Pat looked at everyone and turned back to Meg and said You! Meg got on her knees in front of Pat and undid her shorts and slowly started them sliding down. Meg played with ever inch of skin as it was exposed. Her tongue was busy on a very soaked pair of panties and the junction of her thighs and pussy. Meg didn't even have Pat's clothes off yet and Pat was cumming. She started nibbling her clit through her panties and Pat exploded. She squeezed Meg's head between her thighs and kept rocking back and forth. She came again and passed out. Meg had Mila go get some warm washcloths and a blanket. Meg cleaned her up and covered her with the blanket. She turned to Jack, OK Jack who do you want to either fuck or blow you. Oh gawd, no question I'd like to fuck Jen if that's ok. Mila pulled Jacks shorts and under-ware off and sucked him just enough to get him hard. Then had Jen sit on his cock while she guided him in. 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Mom and dad showed (I did not expect them) Mom had on a beach cover up and flashed it open showing a very naked mom! I pointed them to the front bath if they wanted to change and said we were out by the pool. Mila and Liam both jumped out of the pool and ran up to hug granma and granpa. Granpa noticed Mila's nipple piercing first and granma noticed Liam's cock-ring. They both wanted to touch and were told to go for it! They couldn't take their eyes off and kept watching while one nipple and one dick got hard. Granma asked You two aren't embarrassed. Mila said What's to be embarrassed about. Mila called Jen over kissed her hard on the lips and introduced her as her lover. Granma and granpa both kinda fell into their seats. They new Pat and Jack and just now acknowledged them and realized they too were naked. Granpa hadn't been hard in quite some time. Even granma noticed and asked where he found that, pointing at his dick! The bell went off again and there's my sister and her two kids. 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Sexual desires that were pent up for the past 10-50 years were coming out. Jeff promised to have monthly parties and to start acting out some of these pent up desires starting with him wanting to fuck his mom and sister! Everyone decided to spend the night and most of the families crawled in with their kids in the living room. Everyone was still naked and nobody cared! The party was a huge success and and no body got up till after noon on Sunday. All the morning woodys were played with and the next party was anxiously planned for just a few weeks down the road. Brad and Barry seemed to be two brothers that were normal in all appearances. They did all the things that twins would normally do together. They shared their closes as they were the exact same size. They played together all during their childhood and got along pretty well at most times. Not to say that they didn't have the usual childish arguments. But all in all they seemed to be your ordinary young boys. They even shared the same bedroom like brothers of a close or same age would do. But Brad and Barry were not quite the ordinary boys. One day when the boys were about fourteen and their bodies were really starting to mature, Barry was out in the family garage just looking for something to do he was looking through some of their Dad's tool chests he found a very unusual and very exciting magazine. As he thumbed through the pages he was eyeing some very interesting pictures of girls and guys doing something he had only heard about. One picture showed a girl on her knees with a man kneeling behind her sticking his really huge cock in her pussy. The sight did some really strange things the Barry's prick. It made his jeans seem very uncomfortable and soon he noticed something oozing from the end of his dick. It wasn't long that he found that if he rubbed his aching rod that he felt a really nice tingly feeling begin to grow in the small of his back. Soon he had laid down his magazine a was stroking his prick with a quickening pace. After only about a couple of minutes his balls tightened up and he had his first orgasm. He was just beside himself with this new found fun. So he picked the magazine back up and starting thumbing trough it again. A couple of pages later he saw the man sitting on the edge of a chair and this girl was sitting between his legs with the man's prick in her mouth. She had this really happy look on her face and the man had his eyes squeezed shut. The next page showed the man's cock shooting something out of it and the girl was aiming it at her mouth and seemed to be enjoying just like Barry would have enjoyed his favorite candy. By this time Barry's cock was raging hard and the head was all purple and he had started to stroke himself to a frenzy. The excitement got to him fast and he blew his load all over his hand. "Wheweee!!", he said to himself "I bet Brad's never seen nothing like this". So he quickly put his dick into his pants, wiped off his hands on an old rag and stuffed the magazine under his shirt and headed for the house. Once inside he peeked into the living room to check on his Mom and saw that she busy watching TV. "Hi Mom, I'm going upstairs to see what Brad's doing", just to let her know he was around the house when dinner was ready and he headed up to their room. "Hey Brad you're never gonna guess what I found out in the garage". He was smiling like he found a new bike. Brad was busy building a new model car and didn't seem to interested so he quickly closed the door and pulled out his prize magazine and opened it to a page. Then he shoved it front of his brothers face. Barry's face quickly grew red, but he quickly stooped what he was doing and just stared at the man and woman on the page who were in the middle of a gut-wrenching orgasm where the girl was on top and the man had just pulled his dick out as he was shooting a gigantic load. "Where did you find that", he whispered knowing that their parents wouldn't approve of the two young boys being privy to such forbidden stuff. "I was looking around Dad's tool boxes and I found this in the bottom of one", Barry said with a big grin. "You should see some off the other pictures, you won't believe that two people could this kind of stuff". Then Barry quickly turned the magazine back to the first page and the two boys started thumbing through one page at a time. By the time they got to the fourth page both of them had the biggest hard-ons that they had ever had. Brad was very fidgety and his drawers were really starting to feel to tight and Barry knew exactly how he felt. But he knew how to fix it. Quickly he went and listened at the door and when he was sure nobody was listening to the two boys in their room he dropped his jeans and sat down next to his brother. "I figured this out when I first got a boner in the garage earlier Brad. Watch me for a minute and then you can try it too." He spit in his hand and slowly started to stroke along the length of his raging cock. Before long he had his eyes closed and was loosing himself in the best feeling of his life so far. Brad was a little embarrassed at first but after watching his twin brother seem to enjoy himself so much he quickly followed suit. Shortly both boys were feeling the urges of a spine-tingling orgasm that was to be the first of many to come. As they each reached that plateau that would finally put them over the edge they both opened their eyes to watch the others reaction. When their first spurts erupted it was all they could do to stop from screaming out. But they bit their lips and stroked faster until their feelings of ecstasy had subsided. "Wow Barry, that was great", Brad said gasping for breath. "Yea, I know. You wanna look at some more pictures and try again?" "Brad and Barry, it's time for dinner", the boys mother called up them. Surprised at all the time that had gone by the boys quickly pulled up their jeans, took a few deep breaths and headed for the door. Just as they were leaving the room Brad quickly ran back and pushed the magazine under his mattress. "we'll get back to that later" and both boys nodded and smiled knowing that they'd be eating dinner faster than normal. Down at the dinner table everything was already set out for the evening meal. The boys each took a pork chop, some mashed potatoes and of course they made sure to put some vegetables on their plates. Both boys smiling all the while. "Well boys I received a letter from your sister today and she says that she will be coming home for about a month when college lets out after the spring semester". All the time she was speaking Barry was just kind of dreamily staring at his mother. He knew that since their dad had died a couple of years ago that she hadn't been seeing any men even though a few had sure tried hard enough to ask her out. He figured with her good looks there must have been plenty of men who wanted to get close to her. Today she was wearing a red tank top which although it wasn't overly revealing it did show enough of a well rounded bosom to stir Barry's interest. Along with that she was wearing a pair of old jeans that she had cut off into shorts that were cut just below the cheeks of a firm yet well rounded ass. After looking at the girls in the magazine earlier, Barry was wondering just how she really did look without her clothes on. As for Brad, the thought of his 19 year old sister coming home had him thinking about how her body would compare to sexy girls he had been jerking off to earlier. Before either one of the boys knew it they were both feeling pretty warm and they had the worst case of stiff dick that either had ever had. They both made an extra effort to finish their dinners and excused themselves and off they went to their room. Once inside they quickly turned the radio so they could talk and not be overheard in case their mother came by the room. Then Barry quickly pulled the magazine back out from under the mattress. "Check out the pictures a little farther back", Barry practically tore the pages thumbing through them. He quickly found the ones in question and showed them to his brother. Brad couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was a girl on her hand and knees and there was one guy sticking his really huge cock in her doggie style while there was yet another guy sticking his fat prick in her mouth. the next picture showed the guys shooting their wads and the one was aiming it right in her mouth. By the look of the girl she was really enjoying her feast. "Wow Brad, I never knew people did stuff like that", "do you think that it would feel that good?" "I don't know, but from the looks of the smile on that guys face I'd say he really likes it."